Since childhood, you’ve probably been told that calcium supports healthy bone growth, helping you to grow up big and strong. But did you know that calcium is great for your teeth? At Dental Associates of Moreno Valley, we feel it’s important for our patients to understand the advantages of adding calcium into their diets.

The Teeth-Strengthening Power of Calcium

Because teeth contain calcium, a regular supply of this helpful mineral is critical for your teeth to remain healthy. Consuming calcium-rich foods ultimately increases the density of your teeth and strengthens tooth enamel. In fact, your entire body needs calcium to function properly, and about 90% of your body’s calcium is stored within your teeth and bones. Thus, when your calcium intake is low, your body will begin removing the mineral from your teeth and bones for use in other parts of the body. Without enough calcium in your teeth, your risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay increases.

Your Jaw Needs Calcium, Too

Like other bones in the body, your jawbone weakens when it doesn’t receive a healthy amount of calcium. A weak jaw can leave you more prone to jaw injuries and loosened teeth. Jawbone deterioration can also make your facial appearance change, creating a shorter distance from cheek to chin. As we age, our jaws naturally shrink some, but we can actively deter this phenomenon by maintaining a healthy level of calcium.

Calcium for Kids

Before your teeth had fully developed, calcium played an important role in their growth. That’s why it’s extremely important that children receive proper amounts of calcium. For children between the ages of four and eight, 800 milligrams of calcium per day is recommended. That’s equivalent to about two or three average-sized glasses of milk. Once kids turn nine, the recommended calcium intake almost doubles!

Good Sources of Calcium

Don’t like drinking milk? You can acquire the calcium you need through other foods, including yogurt, cheese, almonds, Brazil nuts, dried figs, broccoli, kale, and salmon. Look for juices fortified with calcium, and talk with your doctor about calcium supplements.

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