While routine dental exams and cleanings are vital to keeping up with good oral health, there may come a time when you need more extensive treatment, such as oral surgery or root canal therapy (also called endodontic treatment).

Depending on the nature of your oral health concerns, oral surgery may take on one of many forms, from extracting impacted teeth to replacing lost teeth with lifelike dental implants. If an infection reaches the inside of your tooth, a root canal treatment may be necessary.

Our teams employ dental technology and provide appropriate anesthesia to ensure you obtain treatment with precision and accuracy, within a comfortable and relaxed experience. Click the link below to learn more about our oral surgery and endodontic services:

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Oral surgery, tooth extractions, and root canal therapy may be appropriate treatments to help maintain good oral health. For more information, please contact one of our Riverside Dental Group offices. We have locations in Corona, Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Temecula.