Enhancing The Shade Of Your Teeth

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Is your smile as white as you would like? If recent photographs of your grin show a much brighter appearance, you may benefit from a professional treatment to brighten your teeth. While daily oral hygiene is vital to preventing tooth decay and other threats, surface stains and discoloration can even appear in otherwise completely healthy teeth. Fortunately, a whitening session can lift dark pigments from your enamel using a professional strength solution to return your beautifully natural look.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we offer several cosmetic services to help you realize your smile goals. Because you may not know exactly how close you are to receiving the smile of your dreams, we enjoy providing consults to help you identify which service is best for your condition. If you have blemishes that you would like to address, we could help lift them in the course of an afternoon!


We Offer Children’s Dental Services

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Maintaining a healthy smile is a priority that begins as soon as your first tooth appears! By introducing your children to regular dental visits, they learn the importance of caring for their teeth while becoming comfortable receiving professional treatment. When you choose a dental provider that offers a welcoming environment for kids, you help set them up with healthy oral habits that continue into adulthood.

At your Corona, CA dental practice, we would like to perform your child’s first dental exam whenever their first baby tooth erupts or by their first birthday. As tooth decay and gum disease can affect kids just like their parents, a preventive attitude toward oral care is critical at an early age. By receiving consistent cleanings and regular exams, we can maintain their healthy teeth while inspecting that they are coming in and falling out as expected. (more…)

Preventing And Treating Tooth Decay

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A preventive attitude towards your oral health can help maintain a robust, beautiful smile throughout your life. By practicing behaviors that stop tooth decay in its tracks, you can avoid more costly restorative procedures down the line. To best protect your teeth, combine your daily brushing and flossing routine with regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and exams. Receiving a semiannual cleaning allows your hygienist to remove plaque and tartar deposits that you cannot handle on your own. Additionally, your examination can uncover any changes in the status of your mouth and provide interventive treatment before problems grow in stature.

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice, we encourage you to make an appointment at least twice per year to clean and inspect your smile. Because our main goal is preserving the health of your natural teeth, regular cleanings help you keep your enamel intact. Conversely, waiting for a painful ache or another symptom to schedule a visit can mean you are far along in the decay process. (more…)

How Root Canals Remove Infection

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If you wake up each morning with constant pain in one of your teeth, you should not ignore this potentially dangerous symptom. Rather let your dentist know so we may inspect your tooth for the cause. A consistent ache could be a sign of infected pulp tissue, that left untreated, could spread beyond the confines of your tooth. Because tooth infections result from breaks or cracks in the enamel of your tooth, you may also feel damage on the surface of the affected area. We can repair this damage as well to help you seal the insides of your tooth and maintain it in your mouth.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we provide swift service when responding to any injury in your mouth. When you experience the acheful signs of an infected tooth, we could perform a root canal therapy to clean your tooth’s chamber and clear bacterial buildup. In treating your pain, we will also repair your tooth to prevent future infections from restarting the process. (more…)

Prioritizing Your Gum Health

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A comprehensive approach to oral health requires maintaining your gums in addition to your teeth. These tissues provide a crucial seal between your teeth and jawbone that prevents oral bacteria from entering and infecting your body. The connective role of your gums secures your teeth in place, but when you develop gum disease, this connection is threatened. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, so by taking time to care for your gums, you can prevent missing teeth.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we inspect the health of your gums at each of your routine checkups. When you visit our office regularly, we remove plaque that causes irritation and can detect any infections when they begin. Remember that gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease is potentially reversible. Therefore, do not skip any of your meetings less you risk a permanent gum infection.


Orthodontic Care For Your Teeth

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When you begin deciding to fix problems with the spacing of your teeth, there are multiple options for orthodontic correction. Knowing the benefits of each solution can help you narrow down which treatment is best for your condition and lead to a pleasing outcome. Depending upon the extent of your malocclusion or other factors such as your age, you may greatly prefer one over the other. For instance, traditional metal braces have the most force to move teeth teeth into a desired position and thus can help correct complex tooth issues. On the other hand, you may find clear aligners much more esthetically pleasing during your treatment period.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we can help you straighten your smile whether you are a teen or a grandparent! When you discuss your options for orthodontic care with a member of our team, we can help lead you to the treatment that works best for you. Our practice places both traditional braces and clear aligners from Invisalign to provide healthier smiles that are easy on the eye!


Services That Brighten Your Smile

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Are your teeth as bright as you would like them to be? If stains or discoloration have begun to build on their surface, it can rob you of enjoying showing off your smile. While somewhat common, blemishes can cause quite a distraction when socializing and take their toll on your pride in your appearance. Avoiding certain food and drinks can help reduce the continued accumulation of marks, but a professional whitening treatment can return your original white shade.

At your Corona, CA dental practice, we offer services for all aspects of your oral care. From routine cleanings and oral surgery to more cosmetic procedures, we have your smile covered. For problems with blemishes within your enamel, we can provide a bleaching treatment that returns the natural, white look of your enamel. (more…)

Introducing Your Child To Dentistry

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When it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums, the habits you learn early in life set the stage for your oral health. By introducing kids to regular dental visits beginning in infancy, they learn the importance of caring for their smiles. This is why we strive to provide a comfortable environment where a child can look forward to interacting with their dental team.

At your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we suggest bringing in your child for their first visit when their first baby tooth erupts or by their first birthday. Because kids are vulnerable to the same oral threats of tooth decay and gum disease, regular cleanings and examinations prevent damage to their little smiles. Consistent appointments offer a chance to discuss their at-home cleaning habits and teach effective techniques for keeping mouths clean from plaque. (more…)

Reliable Treatments For Tooth Decay

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What steps do you take to prevent tooth decay? Do you schedule regular appointments with your dentist? By visiting every six months, you receive a professional cleaning to remove plaque deposits that harm your teeth. This treatment complements your daily brushing and flossing at home and provides an opportunity to detect any irregularities with your oral health. In fact, professional cleaning is necessary to remove tartar deposits that you cannot treat on your own.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we help you maintain healthy teeth by providing cleanings and removing cavities as soon as we detect them. When you come into our office regularly, you can catch tooth decay before it grows and further damages your teeth. This can mean receiving a more conservative treatment instead of waiting for advanced symptoms to appear at a later date. (more…)

A Treatment For Your Tooth Infection

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Whenever you experience consistent pain in one of your teeth that will not go away after a day, you should report this symptom to your dentist. Ignoring this problem could potentially lead to worsening health outcomes as an ongoing toothache may indicate an infection within your tooth’s pulp. Left untreated, the infection risks spreading to other parts of your body and entering your bloodstream. This condition occurs when oral bacteria breach a tooth’s surface and gain access to the inner chamber. This break in your enamel could be caused by severe decay or physical injury and should be examined by your dentist to stop additional damage.

At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we encourage you to call us at once when you feel the symptoms of a potential infection. We can examine your problem tooth and recommend a root canal therapy to remove bacterial deposits and treat your pain.