When a troublesome tooth becomes too unhealthy for other restorative treatments, we may suggest an extraction to protect the health of your entire mouth. For example, if you have an infected tooth for which root canal treatment fails, an extraction will relieve your discomfort while safeguarding the rest of your smile.

What Is an Extraction?

An extraction is a tooth removal. An on-staff oral surgeon will carefully remove your tooth by loosening it from your jawbone and extracting the tooth with special instruments. We will apply anesthesia to ensure the tooth and surrounding tissue is numb. After your treatment, you will require a recovery period that includes eating soft foods and rest. We will also instruct you to avoid dislodging the clots that form in your open spaces, either by touching them or by making a sucking motion with your mouth. The clots allow your mouth to heal successfully.

What Happens After My Extraction?

You will need time to heal after the extraction, and you may need to schedule rest time away from your usual daily activities, such as work. Your dentist will provide you with specific instructions based on your unique circumstances. Once healed, your dentist may complete your smile with the use of a dental prosthetic, such as a dental bridge, dental implant, or a partial denture.

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A tooth extraction may be needed to help protect your mouth’s health. For more information, please contact one of our Riverside Dental Group offices. We have locations in Corona, Moreno Valley, Riverside, and Temecula.