Even as the summer comes to a close, allergy sufferers are complaining of discomfort as their allergies and sinuses flare up. If you suffer from allergies and sinuses, do you sometimes have a toothache to accompany your nasal symptoms? If so, you’re not alone. Often, dental patients wonder why sinus pressure affects the teeth and how to tell if a toothache is sinus or oral health related. Today, the dentists at Oasis Dental in Temecula, California want to answer these questions.

How does sinus pressure affect the teeth?

The maxillary sinuses are located in the lower part of the face, right above the upper dental arch. Generally, the maxillary sinuses need to drain upward. When the sinus cavities become congested, they swell and consequently put pressure on the upper teeth and cheeks. This can create uncomfortable tooth pain that can feel identical to an infection or injury-induced toothache.

How can I tell the difference between sinus pressure and a toothache?

The dentists at Oasis Dental, can determine if your pain stems from sinus pressure or an oral problem. How? With a percussion test. During a percussion test, your dentist will tap on your teeth to determine where the pain is located. If there is pain in all of your teeth, the pain is most likely a result of sinus pressure. If there is pain in just one tooth, however, it’s likely that the tooth has fallen victim to infection or injury. If the latter is true of your condition, we will suggest possible treatment plans to help you restore comfort, functionality, and health to your smile.

If you are experiencing a toothache and can’t determine the cause, call our Temecula, CA dentist office at (951) 695-2290 to reserve an appointment.