As October approaches, Corona candy shelves are being filled with sweet treats capable of harming children’s teeth.  However, UCLA researchers discovered a new kind of candy: one that actually fights cavities. Combating a cavity with candy may sound like a crazy idea, but the herbal lollipop is already being made available for purchase.

How Cavities Develop

Primarily, cavities are generated by a combination of simple sugars, poor dental hygiene, and mouth-dwelling bacteria. Dental caries, or cavities, develop due to harmful bacteria found in the mouth. These bacteria consume sugary food, and the acidic by-product of this reaction erodes tooth enamel.

Destroying Oral Bacteria with Licorice Root

The research team of microbiologists from the UCLA Department of Oral Biology successfully extracted a chemical from licorice root that could be applied in oral health care products. This herbal formula actually fights organisms associated with the development of cavities. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, herbal treatments are by no means a novel concept.

The use of the cavity-combating lollipop is simple, painless, and tasty. Consuming one lollipop during morning hours, and one in the evening, is all that’s required to benefit from the herbal formula. Maintain twice-daily consumption for 10 days in order to neutralize decay-causing bacteria. The 10-day lollipop regimen will keep bacteria at bay for 3 to 6 months.

Without chewing, consumers should dissolve the lollipop in their mouth slowly. Kids of all ages can partake in the joys of cavity fighting, but supervision is recommended for small children during consumption. Simply repeat the 10-day process once every few months to minimize the risk of developing cavities.

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