The relationship between a healthy mouth and overall health is proven, and studies continue to uncover evidence linking the two. Proper oral care, hygiene habits, and a healthy diet could prevent you from developing serious systemic diseases. When was the last time you reviewed your oral care basics? Here are a few helpful reminders and oral care tips from your Moreno Valley dentists.

The Importance of Brushing

Brushing teeth is essential to plaque removal and overall health. In addition to cavity prevention, brushing helps removes the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. Always brush twice each day, no matter what. To aid in cavity prevention, use fluoridated toothpaste.

Oral Care Diet

Diet is an oft overlooked aspect of oral care. Many people avoid sugar by turning to artificial sweeteners, but there’s more to the story. Artificial sweeteners are easier on teeth than real sugar, but proper food selection could positively impact oral health.  For example, chicken might actually help teeth regain minerals stripped from teeth by erosive acids. Whole grains and cheese also contribute to a healthy mouth. Limiting sugar intake is always recommended.

Oral Care String Theory

Many patients don’t find time to floss daily. Omitting daily flossing could leave food particles trapped, allowing plaque to develop in-between teeth and exposing gums to unwanted bacteria. If bacteria enter the blood stream, there is a risk of endocarditis (heart infection). Certain heart conditions increase the risk for endocarditis, but maintaining a set flossing schedule can aid in the prevention of infection. Always be sure to floss once a day, every day.

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