Dental phobia is a serious problem which affects countless individuals. Neglecting dental visits due to fear can cause more oral issues as teeth remain untreated for long periods of time. Sometimes, poor oral health and dental phobia combine, snowballing into a situation seemingly too difficult to overcome. With a range of issues affecting phobic patients, a multi-specialty dental practice offers a unique opportunity.

What is Special About Multi-Specialty Dentistry?

One of the major obstacles dental practices run into with phobic patients is being able to provide them all the services needed under one roof. Phobic patients often find it difficult to stay motivated when it comes to correcting issues. If a phobic patient is referred to a specialist, the odds of following through with their treatment decrease when required to visit a separate office for consultation or procedural work.

In many instances, fear of an unknown specialist’s office is enough to frighten a phobic patient. Avoidance is common for patients with dental phobia, and the thought of working with a new dental team can deter them from following through on their treatment plan.

Dental Phobia and Peace of Mind

Making a patient comfortable is always important, phobic or not. However, acknowledging reservations about seeking dental care is crucial in developing a strong provider-patient relationship. Many phobic patients express embarrassment and extreme anxiety about receiving a lecture from their provider. Overcoming dental phobia is no easy task, but can be achieved by taking action.

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