Pumpkins grace the doorsteps of numerous homes throughout America. Many of these pumpkins didn’t survive Halloween night due to rambunctious pranksters destroying countless vegetables in the name of fun and tradition. Although many people indulge in a slice of pumpkin pie around the holidays, many people remain unaware that pumpkins can benefit teeth. The dentists from Riverside Dental Group discuss how pumpkins aid in tooth health.

From A to Zinc in Pumpkins

Pumpkins naturally contain zinc and vitamin A. Diligent label readers might know that several mouthwash companies add zinc to their product to aid in prevent gum inflammation. However, many people do not know that vitamin A supports tooth enamel strength. Tooth enamel does not regenerate so every little bit helps when it comes to enamel retention. Other studies indicate that consuming pumpkins can curb a person’s appetite with a lower calorie count that many other options. Pumpkins contain high levels of beneficial fiber and essential minerals.

Incorporate Pumpkins into Fall Dishes

Many people might not know what dish to serve featuring pumpkin aside from the traditional pumpkin pie. Although pumpkin pie can satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, try incorporating pumpkin into healthier dishes this holiday season. Experiment with adding diced pumpkin to vegetarian soup prepared in a slow cooker. You can also make a pumpkin soup in similar slow-cooked fashion which could taste comparable to the ever-popular butternut squash soup. If slow cooking requires a little too much time, you can roast diced pumpkin in a roasting pan for roughly an hour at 400⁰. Simply spread diced pumpkin evenly throughout a roasting pan, cover with extra-virgin olive oil and toss in the oven. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy!


Eating firm vegetables can benefit tooth health. Some studies indicate that eating broccoli prior to consuming a soft drink reduces acid erosion by as much as 50%, in some cases. So your parents were right: Eating vegetables really is good for you. However, vegetables alone cannot substitute for regular dental checkups and an commitment to dental hygiene.

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