This time of year, many people face an increase in the amount of stress and anxiety they must endure. The holidays generally serve as a time for togetherness, joy, and tranquility. So, why do people experience increased stress levels? Perhaps stained teeth result in stress for people. Feeling inhibited about smiling can negatively impact a person’s mood. Additionally, pitching a beautiful smile with confidence can convey high self-esteem and wellbeing. The Temecula dentists from The Oasis Family Dental discuss how to brighten your smile and your outlook this holiday season.

Holiday Teeth Staining

One common problem that people run into this time of year involves stained teeth. Many people consume coffee on a regular basis, smoke, and indulge in darkly pigmented sodas and other food products like soy sauce. Over the course of the year, these products can leave teeth stained, discolored, or yellowed. Other holiday favorites like red wine can certainly lead to tooth stains. One quick way to fight red wine tooth stains: eat cheese before indulging.

The calcium found within cheese provides needed nutrients to tooth enamel. Additionally, the calcium can form a protective shell around enamel that reduces tooth stains. Not all cheese was created equal though; hard cheeses show better results in terms of stain-limiting potential. Don’t enter the holiday season feeling like your smile must convey a dulling façade.

Temecula Teeth Whitening

Restore vibrancy to your smile with a holiday teeth whitening session. We offer in-office teeth whitening at our Temecula dentist office, but can also provide patients with the tools they need to whiten teeth at home. Our in-office whitening procedure generally takes about an hour to complete and can leave patients with dramatically whiter teeth in a single session. For patients looking to whiten teeth at home, we can provide bleaching trays customized to your dentition and professional-grade bleaching gel.

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