As the holidays continue in full swing, more people will begin preparing their holiday feasts. No table should go without a holiday fowl cooked to perfection. Thanksgiving provides families with togetherness, joy, and an opportunity to share in a glass of red wine. As families gather this time of year, the dentists from Riverside Dental Group thought they would develop a short true/false quiz to inform and educate and about tooth stains during the holidays.

Tooth Stain Quiz

Label the following statements as either true or false

  • Red wine can cause tooth stains
  • Cheese does not protect against tooth stains
  • Professional at-home tooth whitening does not exist

The first statement is – true. Red wine can cause teeth to stain. Darkly pigmented foods and beverages can all potentially cause issues for teeth. Coffee and tobacco use can also cause teeth to display signs of discoloration or yellowing. Don’t allow a family gathering around a glass of wine turn into a viewing session of your stained or discolored teeth this holiday season. Consider teeth whitening in our Riverside dental offices.

The second statement is – false. Studies show that cheese can greatly limit the ability of wine to stain teeth. Cheese provides necessary calcium to tooth enamel, aiding in remineralization. Teeth constantly face a barrage of acid attacks due to the foods we eat. Harmful bacteria wait to feed on sugars and carbohydrates, and then launch an assault on enamel. Remineralization helps restore minerals like calcium to teeth. Studies also indicate that softer cheeses do not prevent tooth staining as well as hard cheese. This holiday season, offer some hard cheese to your guests and help reduce everyone’s risk for teeth staining.

The third statement is – false. Most people can tell from one walk down pharmacy aisles that whitening teeth at home is big business. However, most people do not realize that they can achieve professional results from the comfort of their own home. Professional at-home teeth whitening from our Riverside dental office can offer patients custom-fit bleaching trays and professional strength gel. The custom trays will enable gel to efficiently make contact with teeth.

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