Do you have chocolate cravings? Do you wish you had a chocolate bar right now? Chocolate cravings are common. The need for chocolate may stem from physical or psychological needs. Good news for the chocolate lovers: chocolate eaten in moderation may benefit your dental health. Please do not rush out and buy all of the chocolate in the candy store. Read your Temecula dentists’ information on how chocolate can have a positive impact on your teeth.

Hooray for Cocoa Beans

The cocoa beans in chocolate contain flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins. Polyphenols and tannins have been identified as substances that inhibit the growth and acid production of plaque-producing bacteria. Less plaque means fewer cavities and incidences of gum disease.

Not all chocolate is created equally. Dark chocolate contains more of the healthy polyphenols and tannins and has more dental and health benefits. Coffee and green tea both contain tannins and share health benefits with dark chocolate. Attempts have been made to capture the benefits of chocolate in toothpaste, mouthwash, and gum but success has not been widespread. The future may hold additional dental health uses for polyphenols and tannins.

Moderation for More Good News

While cocoa has health benefits, chocolate contains fat and sugar which carry their own dangers to dental health. Sugar may be the greatest offender in the fight against tooth decay and dental cavities. For this reason, limit snacking on dark chocolate to a one ounce serving, once or twice per day. After eating chocolate or other sweets, remember to rinse your mouth with water and to brush your teeth as soon as you can. A little chocolate won’t hurt if you maintain a good, regular dental care routine and in fact, as you have learned, it may benefit your dental health.

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