with Riverside Dental Group explain how coffee can stain teeth and what you can do to avoid tooth discoloration.

Coffee-Stained Teeth

Sorry coffee drinkers: coffee stains teeth. The dark color of coffee comes from tannins, powerful natural dyes found in fruits and vegetables. Hot coffee presents the most staining power, since intense heat causes small fractures in , allowing tannins to make direct contact with damaged enamel. Diluting black coffee with milk and sugar lowers your teeth’s defenses even more. Milk contains lactose, a natural sugar that sticks to teeth and feeds acid-producing bacteria. Any added sugar in coffee also feeds bacteria that demineralize tooth enamel, encouraging staining. Don’t throw that coffee mug in the trash if you want white teeth but need coffee, though. You can take precautions to maintain a white smile while drinking coffee.

Avoiding Tooth Stains

Brush before you drink to eliminate plaque that coffee can quickly stain. If you let stained plaque remain on teeth for too long, stains seep into tooth enamel, causing tooth stains that can only be removed by professional procedures. Brushing after drinking coffee can put your teeth in danger of further damage, because coffee is highly acidic. Wait to brush at least half an hour after drinking, to allow saliva to replenish minerals to damaged enamel. If you drink coffee at work and can’t brush, rinsing your mouth with water safely washes coffee away from teeth without damaging weakened enamel.

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