at Oasis Family Dental, explain how the presence of oral HPV heightens the risk of oral cancer, and why you should ask your dentist about oralDNA testing.

Oral Cancer From Oral HPV

Oral HPV is plain and simply the occurrence of the HPV virus in your mouth. Oral HPV has been implicated in higher risk factors for oral cancer. Oral cancer can be life-threatening, but unfortunately, it is often extremely difficult to diagnose before it’s too late. symptoms can be vague in the early stages. By the time the symptoms become more obvious, the survival rate for oral/pharyngeal cancer is much lower. The HPV virus shares this commonality with oral cancer. Because HPV can be a precursor to oral cancer, oralDNA testing can give you the power of early detection and stopping cancer before it starts.

OralDNA Testing

OralDNA can determine specific quantities and variations of various bacteria in your mouth. This testing is utilized to predict or diagnose gum disease (periodontal disease). Inflamed gums, periodontal pockets, gum recession, and complete loss of teeth are all possibilities when gum disease goes undiagnosed or is ignored. There are also oral-systemic concerns with gum disease. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and pre-term labor have all been connected to gum disease. OralDNA testing is a powerful tool to detect both gum disease and Oral HPV at their earliest stages.

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