at Riverside Dental Group will answer some FAQs on cracked teeth.

Can I prevent my teeth from cracking?

There’s no guaranteed way to completely prevent cracked teeth, but you can certainly avoid certain behaviors that tend to lead to cracked teeth. Avoid old maids – unpopped popcorn kernels at the bottom of the bowl. Don’t chew on any hard non-food objects such as pens, pencils, or even your nails. If you have a bad habit of chewing ice, try to retrain yourself to stop now. Should you not be able to help yourself with one of these habits, and you feel a sharp pain, stop immediately and call your dentist. If cracks are detected early enough, the tooth is more likely to be saved.

Why do cracked teeth need to be treated?

Cracks in your teeth can affect the pulp (inner tissue) of your teeth, which contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Chewing with a cracked tooth can cause movement of the separated parts of the tooth which can irritate the pulp and cause pain. The exposed pulp can also become infected, so it needs to be treated in order to save the tooth.

How will my cracked tooth be treated?

The treatment of your cracked tooth depends on the type of crack, and how deep and severe it is. Craze lines, for example are tiny and shallow cracks that only affect only the surface of tooth enamel of the tooth and don’t necessarily need to be treated. If they do, the treatment is usually cosmetic. However, if your tooth crack extends from the chewing surface of the tooth to the root, you will likely need a root canal procedure to deal with the damaged pulp.

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