will talk about reduction of sodium, fat, and sugar contents in school lunches which can help with both oral and overall health.

Packing Healthy Lunches for Kids

Marketing plays a big role in what we end up sending for our children’s school lunches, or feeding them on the weekends. Unfortunately, colorful commercials with great catchy jingles might ignite your child’s passion for eating. They may beg for the newest food fad when you go to the grocery store. But flip that package over and take a look at the ingredients list. Is sugar (or some form thereof) one of the top few ingredients? Are many of the elements in the recipe difficult to pronounce and completely foreign to you? Think about what you might put into a fresh baked cookie, muffin, or loaf of bread. The ingredients are fairly simple, right? Why should these same pre-packaged items need such complex ingredients? The simple answer is generally shelf-life. So try and get back to the kitchen, and involve your kids. Freshly made versions of things that might not even be considered “good for you” will still be much better in terms of sugar, sodium, fat, and preservative content.

Nutrition and Oral Health in Schools

The U.S. Department of Agriculture was directed by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act last year to re-examine and update school lunch dietary guidelines. Changes have included increasing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, following age-appropriate calorie guidelines, and reducing sodium contents. The overall components of the eventual nutritional changes are specific, but school food authorities have the autonomy to create their own menus. While this shift toward more whole foods in school lunches is very promising, if you are able to pack healthy lunches, you can rest assured that your child is being nourished and will hopefully have healthy teeth, to boot.

Dental Appointments for Children from Temecula Dentists

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