Do you have any exciting tales of losing your tooth as a child? Did you ever have a trusted relative attempt to tie your tooth to a doorknob and slam the door to aid in the final extraction? Perhaps your grandpa would say, “let me wiggle that tooth” and then fool you by yanking it out. How could you be upset? It didn’t hurt, and now you would be getting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Losing teeth can be a very exciting occasion for a young child, but along with these changes should come regular preventive dental care for your little one. There is more to losing teeth than a dollar under the pillow. at the Oasis Family Dental will talk more about the oral health of our littlest patients.

Breaking Bad Habits

When a child starts losing their baby teeth there is an optimal window for educating them on oral hygiene. We strongly encourage parents to bring children in for a checkup around this time. Your Temecula dentists will be able to give your child a thorough examination to ensure that their teeth and gums are progressing at a normal rate. We can also partner with parents to help children break bad habits such as thumb and pacifier sucking. While these can be soothing practices to a child, they can cause permanent teeth to buck or erupt in misalignment. Sometimes it takes the advice of a dentist to jar a child that has not been listening to mom and dad on this matter.

Stressing Good Oral Hygiene

This is also a great time to highlight and hammer home the benefits of good oral hygiene to your child’s future. We will take the time at every checkup up to remind your child about the proper ways to brush and floss their teeth. Instilling these habits at a very early age will engrain good habits and practices in dental self-care throughout your child’s life.

Dental Care for Children from Temecula Dentists

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