Fluoride is synonymous with taking care of your teeth. You can find it in most toothpastes and mouthwashes available at any store. Children who aren’t getting sufficient fluoride are usually offered supplemental tablets and fluoride treatments by their dentist as an extra preventive measure. Fluoride has the ability to strengthen teeth internally and topically. Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona will challenge you to a quiz on fluoride.


Q1. True or False – Fluoride is a man-made chemical additive.

Q2. True or false – Victims of fluorosis can be any age.

Q3. True or false – Many American neighborhoods infuse tap water with fluoride

Q4. True or false – Eggs contain small amounts of fluoride.


A1. FALSE – Fluoride is derived from fluorine, a mineral element that can be found in small amounts in water, air and some foods. Because it comes from a natural source, fluoride is considered to be a safe additive in toothpastes and mouthwashes.

A2. FALSE – Children under the age of 6 that are exposed to extremely high doses of fluoride can be at risk for fluorosis. A child with fluorosis will end up with discoloration and patches on newly developing teeth. To avoid this, supervise young children when they brush their teeth and keep toothpastes and mouthwashes out of reach.

A3. TRUE – Water-fluoridation systems have become quite common in U.S. neighborhoods. The systems are checked daily to ensure safe levels of fluoride in your drinking water. The American Dental Hygienists’ Association says that the addition of fluoride to H20 supplies in America has reduced tooth decay by up to 60% since World War II.

A4. TRUE – Meat and fish, along with eggs, all have small amounts of fluoride. However, you still want to seek fluoride from other sources, as the amount in these foods will not make a huge difference in the strength of your tooth enamel.

Fluoride Treatments from Corona Dentist

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