Toothaches have so many possible causes. Some are obvious, involving direct injury or infection of the tooth in question. Other problems near the teeth can mimic toothaches, such as sinus infections and deviated septums. Today, your Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental will explain some potential causes of toothaches, and an unusual potential pain relief.

Common Toothache Causes

Cavities can be tiny and symptom free, or deep and well into the roots of your teeth. Bacteria are in your mouth by the thousands, and all sorts of infections can occur to teeth and gum tissues. Tooth abscesses happen when infection goes too far and is localized in one spot that resembles a pimple on your gums. Gingivitis (early gum disease) usually has no symptoms of physical discomfort, but if you let the infection go, it can eventually progress into periodontitis that will have more symptoms including toothache-like pain. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is another common cause of pain in your mouth.

Relieving Tooth Pain

The Acmella Oleracea plant has been used as a natural pain relief for dental issues for years by Indigenous Peruvian tribes. Francoise Freedman is an anthropologist at Cambridge University who almost accidentally discovered how powerful this substance was when she developed her own toothache during her studies in the Amazon. A local introduced her to the plant known for its pain relieving properties. Freedman was astounded at how quickly she was pain-free again. Scientists are currently working on ways to integrate the plant into helping with any dental issues like the abovementioned which cause tooth pain. For now, however, over-the-counter pain medications can help take the edge off a toothache.

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