Mother’s Day recently passed, and you likely took some time to reflect and celebrate the woman that raised you. Moms have a special way about them. They know what to say when times are hard. They’re on the top of our list when we have good news to share.  You may even still find yourself calling mom when you’re sick or sad because of the way she soothes you.

Do you remember your mom teaching you to brush and floss your at Dental Associates of Corona will talk about a British study that highlights the importance of a mother’s efforts to instill good oral hygiene practices in their offspring.

Healthy Teeth, Thanks to Mom

Published in the Journal of Dental Research, the study examined dental records of 224 teenagers. The moms of the participating teens were asked to fill out detailed questionnaires. The ability to handle stress was one of the main factors examined. Mothers with a stronger, natural maternal instincts tended to follow through more with their children’s dental hygiene and taking their young ones to biannual dental checkups.

Examples Led by Mothers

Looking after a baby’s oral health can actually start in pregnancy. Oral-systemic health is the concept that oral health can affect overall health. Many conditions have been linked to tooth decay and gum disease, including premature birth. A mother that doesn’t take care of her gums and teeth is going to be less likely to offer a good example for her children. Mothers do need to know how important their influence is when it comes to teaching dental self-care to their young ones. Without consistent maintenance, a child’s teeth are susceptible to cavities, gum disease, and poor general development.

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