When that first tooth becomes loose in a child’s mouth, it’s exciting. They are full of anticipation over what the tooth fairy might leave under their pillow. And what will she be doing with that tooth? Meanwhile, as parents, we relish the new look of our child’s smile, with that adorable window where a baby tooth used to be. However, when you are an adult, losing a tooth is not so joyous, nor is it cute. While there are several solutions for replacing missing permanent teeth, the preference would be to prevent it from happening in the first place. Your Riverside, CA dentists at Riverside Dental Group would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about tooth loss.

Tooth Loss FAQs

Q1. Does teeth loss result from gum disease?

A1. Yes. In fact, advanced gum disease (periodontitis) is the biggest cause of loose and lost teeth in adults. Gum disease is common, but still serious. A result of bacteria, periodontal disease presents itself with inflamed gum tissues that can recede. This means they no longer protect your teeth below the crown, where the roots lie.

Q2. Can gum disease cause bone damage?

A2. Yes. Gum disease ultimately damages both bone and ligaments which are responsible for keeping your teeth in place. When teeth start to wiggle around, and gums continue to recede, extraction or complete tooth loss could be your fate.

Q3. Is tooth loss just a cosmetic issue?

A3. No. Other dental problems can be caused by missing teeth. Your roots are designed to be a sort of beacon for vitamins and minerals to be sent to the jawbone. Without this, your jaw can start to deteriorate, leading to a domino effect with your remaining teeth. Furthermore, missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift and become misaligned. This can cause appearance issues and also make your teeth harder to clean if they overlap or become overcrowded.

Q4. What are the main ways to save my teeth?

A4. Brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting your dentist every six months will go a long way in preventing tooth loss.

Riverside, CA Dentists Help Patients with Tooth Loss

If you feel a loose tooth or are recovering from gum disease, visit your dentist regularly. Your Riverside, CA dentists would love to see you at our 92504 dentist office where we can offer expert treatment to fit your needs. Call (951) 689-5031 today to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients of all ages from Riverside and surrounding areas.