Your teeth are as important an element of your health as many of your vital organs. In fact, studies on oral-systemic health show that oral health can directly relate to your heart, brain, and nervous system. Sometimes we take parts of our bodies for granted if they appear to be in good working order. Unfortunately, there’s more to your teeth than just the crown that you see when you smile. Underneath the gumline, there is a whole system of nerves, roots, and tissues that are epicenters for each tooth. Your Moreno Valley dentists would like to challenge you to a quiz on the many aspects of your dental health.


Q1.  How often should you schedule a dental checkup with your Moreno Valley dentists?

a. Every six months

b. Once a year

c. When you notice a dental problem

Q2. True or false – An orthodontist is the specialist you would go to for  jaw reconstruction surgery.

Q3.  What is the medical term for teeth grinding?

a. Halitosis

b. Bruxism

c. Gingivitis


A1. A –  Every one of your biannual dental checkups involves a thorough cleaning, oral examination, and a discussion about your dental needs. Besides maintaining a bright smile, dental checkups and cleanings are important for the prevention of serious dental health problems, such as periodontal disease and oral cancer.

A2. FALSE – Maxillofacial surgeons are responsible for jaw reconstructions. They are also qualified to offer patients a variety of procedures including dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction, and the treatment of certain facial traumas. Your Moreno Valley dentists are a multi-specialty practice with maxillofacial surgeons available to consult with you.

A3. B – Often caused by stress or an abnormal occlusion, bruxism causes headaches and tooth fractures, and can damage dental work. If untreated, bruxism can also lead to TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

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