Many people fear going to the dentist so acutely that they will avoid appointments even at the cost of their teeth. Unfortunately, when you avoid dental checkups and procedures, the very issues you have with your teeth are likely to transition into problems that require even more invasive procedures in the future. When you consider oral-systemic health (the connection between your mouth and body) and the compelling links that oral health may have to heart disease, strokes, arthritis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, there are even more reasons to keep your teeth health by going in for a dental checkup if you are due. Your Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona, explain how drinking a nice cup of tea before your appointment might help alleviate some of your dental anxieties.

The Calming Effects of Tea

Tea is second to water as one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The amino acid L—Theanine is in tea, and helps create calm feelings.   L-Theanine is also considered effective in strengthening your immune system, lowering blood pressure, and promoting concentration. When it comes to anxiety, tea can increase dopamine levels with no side effects. In spite of the fact that many teas contain caffeine (which induces anxiety for some) tea drinkers tend to report feelings of serenity after ingesting their favorite warm beverage. As an added bonus, research has linked green tea to a host of other health benefits, including a possible reduction in gum disease.

The Calming Effects of Sedation Dentistry

Of course, when your dental anxiety is severe, merely steeping a tea bag in a mug is unlikely to convince you to pick up the phone and make that appointment. That’s why many dentists offer sedation in their offices. Procedures as simple as cleanings can be done under sedation, so that even patients with severe dental phobias can maintain the health of their teeth and gums.

Sedation Dentistry from Corona Dentists

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