We are still learning about the intricacies of sleep, and sometimes ideas get accepted as fact that might not be founded in science. For example, many people believe that you can burn the candle at both ends all week and then stock up on sleep during the weekends. Sleeping in significantly later than normal can upset your circadian rhythms. Consistently waking up around the same time each day of the week is the best way to feel rested. Here are some other myths and facts about sleep from your Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona. 

Myths or Facts About Sleep

Q1. Myth or Fact – The optimal amount of sleep is eight hours.

Q2. Myth or Fact – Sleeping too much is not a good thing.

Q3. Myth or Fact – Some people can function well with less than four hours of sleep each night.


A1. MYTH – There is not one perfect amount of sleep, down to the hour. Different people have different needs when it comes to sleep. Co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Sleep, Dr. Joyce Walsleben, says the way to tell that you’ve had sufficient sleep is whether or not you would struggle to stay awake in a boring situation in the afternoon.

A2. FACT – This is a little bit of a chicken or egg conundrum, as scientists aren’t sure if sleeping longer actually causes poor health, or if it is a symptom of poor health. However, sleep apnea, a potentially life threatening condition that has been linked to diabetes and heart disease has been connected to a need to sleep longer. Since people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are aroused from sleep by having to gasp for breath, they never get proper rest, and may find themselves hitting the snooze button a few extra times to make up for the restless night of low quality sleep.

A3. MYTH – Many people believe they are just fine with less sleep, but Dr. Thomas Roth, a sleep researcher at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit says power sleepers should be careful. Even if you don’t realize how tired you are because you are keeping busy and moving fast, a sleep deficit can start to build up. Without enough sleep, you might experience impaired performance, judgment, and attention. In fact, driving while exhausted is the equivalent of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Sleep deprivation is also bad for your immune system. There are even studies that suggest people that sleep too little will have more struggles with weight control.

Sleep Apnea Help from Corona Dentists

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