at the Oasis Family Dental are happy to provide a family environment so kids don’t have to dread coming in for their checkups every six months. Read today’s blog to brush up on some of the things you should remember regarding your child’s dental health.

Start Them Young

Introducing children to habits at the earliest possible age is a sure-fire way to ensure that they will stick to something without it ever seeming like a drag. We should be brushing children’s teeth early enough that they don’t remember a time when they didn’t have a toothbrush in their hand at least once in the morning and once a night. You should bring your children in for their initial dental checkup as soon as their first tooth erupts. Your Temecula dentists will provide them with a thorough examination to make sure that their dental health is developing properly. We can also answer any of your questions about instilling the best oral hygiene habits possible. When a toddler is exposed to the sights, smells, and sounds of a dentist office early on, they are unlikely to be terribly anxious about dental visits later on.

Like Parent, Like Child

There is really no difference between the oral hygiene of your child and of yourself. Good dental self-care should include twice daily brushing for two minutes at a time. A fluoridated toothpaste should be used, and you and your little one should both floss at least once a day. Try flossing before you brush so that the particles you remove won’t remain on your teeth all day or overnight. If your child is resistant to brushing their teeth, consider making it a family affair. When they see you modeling good oral hygiene, they’re much more likely to follow suit.

Visit Your Temecula Children’s Dentists

Your children’s dentists in Temecula provide comprehensive dental care for our patients of all ages. If anyone in your family is in need of a checkup or cleaning, contact our 92591 dental office by calling (951) 695-2290 to schedule an appointment today. We welcome patients from Temecula and all surrounding communities.