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Q1. True or false – Dental floss is sometimes made out of carbon fiber.

Q2. True or false – A good flossing substitute for people with bridgework is dental tape.

Q3. True or false – Only 10% of Americans floss at least once a day?

Q4. True or false – You should always avoid the sensitive gumline when flossing.

Q5. True or false – A waterpick is a good substitute for flossing.


A1. FALSE – Waxed, unwaxed, and Teflon are all types of dental floss. Carbon fiber is a strong material that is used for many things, including commercial airplane manufacturing, but not dental floss.

A2. True – Also known as wide floss, dental tape is good for anyone with wider-than-average gaps between teeth.

A3. FALSE – It’s actually 49 percent of people in the United States that floss as recommended by their dentist. This number is still far too low.

A4. FALSE – When flossing, start with approximately 18 inches of floss that you will wind around fingers on each hand. Hold tightly to the floss, allowing about an inch between your hands to be guided between teeth. You should use a gentle sawing motion to guide the floss all the way to the gumline. Curve the floss around the tooth and scrape the side as you bring the floss down.

A5. FALSE – Waterpicks do not remove plaque, and are mainly effective for people with braces that need to remove food particles from the brackets and wires in their mouth.

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