at Oasis Family Dental will tell you more about endodontic procedures and why you might require one.

The Purpose of Endodontics

Root canal therapy or root canal procedure is the laymen’s term generally used to describe endodontics. The purpose of this specialty is to save as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Even with decay and damage, your tooth and jawbone will remain healthier if as much of the tissues and dentin remain intact as possible. Reasons that endodontic therapy might be recommended could include tooth fractures, chips, or breaks, deep bacterial infections that go into the canals and pulp, dental injury, or loss of a tooth. In some cases, root canal treatment serves as an opportunity to re-attach a tooth that has been dislodged.

The Root Canal Procedure

Endodontic therapy begins with complete x-rays of your teeth and mouth, in addition to a thorough visual examination. A local anesthetic is usually administered for comfort. Your Temecula dentists will use something called a dental dam to act as a protective sheet for the area. Without this step, the open area will be exposed to bacteria and possible infection. The tooth surface has to be opened so that the infected tissue in the pulp is accessible for removal. Root canals are reshaped so that they are in good working order. A biocompatible material similar to rubber fills up the chasm in your tooth. Next, dental cement is slathered over the rubber to completely seal the area. Composite resin or a dental crown will cap off your restored tooth.

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