dentists at the Oasis Family Dental can highlight what to expect at your next dental cleaning.

Dental Hygienists: Unsung Heroes

Ask any great dentist and they’ll be the first to admit that they’d be nothing without a good dental hygienist by their side. The comprehensive care that you are treated to as a patient is better because of these highly trained dental professionals. Your hygienist is the person you’ll spend the most concentrated time with at your biannual checkups. Amongst the duties of a dental hygienist are:

  • Preparing the examination room
  • Collecting a dental/medical history
  • Taking x-rays of patients
  • Cleaning plaque and tartar buildup off of teeth
  • Polishing teeth
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Answering questions and educating patients on oral hygiene

Deep Cleaning for Periodontal Disease

Cavities are often the focus when patients are concerned with their dental health, but gum disease is actually a much more common oral health issue. If you have a periodontal infection and it has progressed because of poor dental hygiene and lack of treatment, you can end up with periodontal pockets. These spaces that open up between your gums and jawbone are a perfect place for bacteria to multiply and cause damage to your oral tissues. Root planing is a treatments that utilizes antibiotic fibers which are inserted into periodontal pockets to obliterate bacteria and create an inhospitable environment for future germs. Scaling will often go hand-in-hand with root planning. With a scaling procedure (also known as a deep cleaning) tartar and plaque that have collected below the gumline are cleaned with care.

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