at Dental Associates of Corona will tell you how researchers evaluate just how harsh a toothpaste will be against your tooth enamel.

Radioactive Dental Abrasion

Toothpaste cleans your teeth with small particles that are supposed to provide just the right amount of abrasiveness without causing damage. Unfortunately, even with certain evaluation systems in place, it’s possible that a toothpaste can end up on the market even if it’s too abrasive. If your timing when brushing your teeth is poor, you may be in further jeopardy. Following acidic food or beverages (citrus, wine, soda, etc.) your tooth enamel will be softened, making teeth much more susceptible to scratches. Tests exist to measure abrasiveness by using RDA (radioactive dentin abrasion) value. This measures the harshness of teeth cleansing paste on a scale between 30 to over 200.

Too Abrasive

The RDA value is determined through a process that involves brushing radioactively marked dentin samples. The testers measure the abraded material by radiation intensity of the resulting toothpaste slurry. The validity of RDA values is somewhat controversial because the results can vary depending on the lab. The bottom line of these tests is that the higher the RDA value, the more abrasive the toothpaste will be on your tooth enamel. Whitening toothpastes are often the most abrasive, while baking soda toothpastes tend to be lower in RDA value.

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