Dentists care about their patient’s health – all aspects of it. Oral-systemic health and obstructive sleep apnea are both dental concerns. Sleep is an important element of overall health. Exercising vigorously before you go to sleep can be counter-productive. While exercising daily is a great tool to help with sound sleep, the time of day that you raise your heart rate and pump iron is important. If you work out too close to laying down to sleep, you are likely to find that your mind and body, teeming with energy, will work against you. Practicing certain positions in yoga just before laying down, however, has all the benefits of other exercise regimens, with a more meditative and relaxing affect. This can be a great way to lull your body into a peaceful rest, as your Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona will attest.

Breathing and Meditation

Sometimes, the act of simply sitting on your bed in a comfortable, well-postured position, closing your eyes, and breathing in-and-out, deeply, will take you to a place of relaxation conducive to quickly falling asleep. Thinking calm thoughts as you breathe, or repeating a mantra that works for you, can also help. Clear your mind as much as you can, and put your stresses aside for the night. Sleeping soundly will make anything challenging in your life much easier to conquer when you wake up the next morning.  Try your best to let stressors go with every exhale.

Yoga Positions

If your body is keyed up, some light yoga positions can be combined with your meditation to help you calm down. Bending forward and gently twisting to each side, while sitting, will help stretch out areas of tension and make your muscles loosen up. Countless books and internet resources are available with calming yoga poses to add to your repertoire. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and pull your muscles. The goal is to tranquilize your mind and body through your gentle actions.

Steer Clear of Extremely Vigorous Yoga

There are forms of yoga that are extreme enough to cover you in sweat and have you gasping for air. Contorting yourself into a pretzel shape, while standing on your head, is not likely to evoke relaxation. For a more challenging and longer yoga practice, stick to the same rule as other exercises that are likely to amp you up, and only engage in such classes at least three hours before you plan to go to sleep for the night.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Help from Corona Dentists

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