at Moreno Valley Dental Group will explain how this can relate to sleep apnea.

An Explanation of NS-RED

Parasomnia conditions are any sleep disorders where unusual behavior transpires in a fully asleep state. NS-RED is one of the parasomnia conditions, along with night terrors, sleepwalking, and periodic limb movement disorder. NS-RED is the only of these conditions with a culinary slant, however. Having no recollection of a middle-of-the-night food binge, patients with NS-RED might have a hard time understanding why they feel full, or possibly even wake up with indigestion. The quality of their sleep is not very good. And often times, there is not sleep-cleaning involved, so their kitchen is inexplicably in disarray.

Diagnosing NS-RED

Common symptoms of NS-RED include no appetite in the morning and the clear evidence of nighttime munching either in your bed or in other parts of the house. Sudden weight gain can occur as a result of the extra calories consumed at night. Patients with the condition are sometimes forced to padlock or set an alarm on their refrigerator and/or pantry. Experts on sleep-eating syndromes can help to combat the condition. Be aware of the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea in connection with sleep eating. As your circadian rhythms are already out of whack from the interruptions of sleep eating, sleep apnea can result when weight is not controlled and breathing passages are blocked by throat tissues.

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