You probably remember a well-known book (turned into a very popular movie) where scientists utilized the DNA of dinosaurs to bring the long extinct creatures back to life as the center of a theme park.  Genetics is a vast field of study that isn’t too far off from what once qualified as “science fiction.” Each human being on our earth has a genetic blueprint. Among the parts of you that are dictated by genes is your dental health. The Temecula, CA dentists at Oasis Family Dental have to wonder if tooth decay might simply run in your family.

Oral Health Predispositions

Preventive oral hygiene and dental checkups provide you with a much higher chance of avoiding major dental issues. Still, no matter how much effort you put into your dental care, you have a strong chance of a cavity or two throughout your life thanks to genetic predispositions. On the other hand, certain lucky patients only brush and floss minimally, avoid dental checkups and cleanings for years on end, and still never battle tooth decay. Research points to genetics as an explanation for the discrepancies in your dental health “luck.”

The Lucky 1%

Tooth decay involves bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. Most of us become home to these germs early on in life. A lucky 1% of the population is immune to S. mutans. While sugar is a part of the cavity equation, without these bacteria, your teeth will not fall prey to the infections they cause. Saliva is another piece of the puzzle. The liquid from your salivary glands contributes to keeping your teeth clear of damage from S. mutans and other oral germs by neutralizing acid and rinsing your mouth of debris. Saliva composition can also be dictated by your DNA, so if you tend towards a lot of cavities, it could be that you weren’t dealt as fair of a hand as the person next to you.

Dental Checkups from your Temecula Dentists

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