Is there any better winter pastime than going to the movies? With “awards season” in Hollywood, many people are scrambling to catch up on all of the most nominated films and performances. And really, how many movies can someone watch without a little snack? The smells of a movie theatre are very tempting. Popcorn, soda, Milk Duds, and Red Vines…all of them delicious. All of them unfortunately full of sugar and carbs, and damaging to your teeth. If you’re going to indulge in movie treats, do so in a smart and safe way. There’s no award from the Moreno Valley dentists for “Best Cracked Tooth.”

The “Old Maids” of Popcorn

Buttery, salty, hot fresh popcorn is what many refer to as a “comfort food.” Some people have a Pavlov’s dogs type of response to popcorn. As soon as they step into the theatre, they have to have it. Popcorn is small and crunchy and easy to eat by the handful. What could go wrong? The problem is in those un-popped or partially popped kernels that might be hiding in your bag. In the darkness of the movie theatre with your focus completely on the movie, it’s hard to pay attention to every bite. If one of those “old maids” makes their way into your next handful, you may find yourself with a cracked or broken tooth. Additionally, popcorn husks often lodge themselves in between your teeth and gumline. This might be no big deal – nothing that a little floss can’t cure. However, if you get a husk stuck deeply in your gingival tissues, you could end up with a severe toothache as a result of infection.

Chocolate Covered Stickiness

When you look at the candy counter at the theatre, there are many choices. Quite a few of them are small bites of caramel, nougat, cookie dough, or raisins covered in chocolate. The good news is that chocolate contains calcium which is beneficial to teeth. Unfortunately, the chocolate covering these morsels is more sugar and less cacao (the substance in chocolate that makes your mouth healthier). Additionally, the confections underneath the chocolate cling to your tooth enamel, allowing a big feast for the germs that cause cavities. Licorice is no better, as the sticky candy likes to hang around between your teeth. If you eat candy, skip the soda and have some water, swishing well to wash away as much sugary debris as possible.

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