at Riverside Dental Group would like them to stick with flossing at least once and brushing twice every day. Do you think you already know all there is to know about caring for your little one’s teeth? Test your knowledge with this quiz.


Q1. True or false – Children should have a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Q2. True or false – There are many tactics for instilling proper dental self-care in your child.

Q3. True or false –Brushing should be a scheduled activity in order to make it a habit for children.


A1. TRUE –Angled, soft-bristled toothbrushes are the best choice for gently brushing the teeth of young ones. Also, small floss picks in bright colors make flossing fun for kids. Flossing is best practiced prior to brushing.

A2. TRUE – Every child is different, so find tools and practices which make them feel good about keeping their teeth healthy. Humorous videos on the internet showing your child how to brush might make them feel happier about the experience. Whatever you do, resist the urge to make oral hygiene feel like a chore.

A3. TRUE – Timing is definitely something to pay attention to when brushing teeth. The best rule of thumb is generally brushing in the morning and then again before bed. By encouraging your child to brush at the same time every day, eventually it will become a habit. If they are resisting, consider a reward chart or model brushing next to them in the bathroom and make it look fun.

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