with prosthetic teeth to halt the pitfalls of progressive tooth loss.

Definition of Prosthodontics

The process of becoming a general dentist requires a great deal of schooling – seven years to be exact. Following dental school, a licensure exam must be passed in the state the dentist intends to open up a practice. However, before they have their own office, an additional two or three years of time at a university or teaching hospital is necessary to become a prosthodontist. This specialty focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of lost teeth. A variety of procedural options may include restoration, rehabilitation, or full replacement.

Turning to a Specialist

General dentists provide many of the same services as prosthodontists, but fortunately, Oasis Family Dental is a multi-specialty office. Restoration which involve refurbishing part of your natural fall under the realm of an endodontist. Simple tooth replacement may be attainable through a regular dentist. Prosthodontists should be turned to when your case of tooth loss is particularly complicated. Their extended education and experience will likely lead to the best possible results.

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