Parenthood is an instinct that segues into a desire. We look around us and see others experiencing the joy of raising children and we may think, “I want that too.” Before you’re a parent, the cliché “nothing prepares you” may seem annoying. You’re smart, adaptable, capable, and you’ve done plenty of babysitting – what’s so hard? It’s the emotional investment in your own children that there is no preparation for. That first bruise, that first broken bone, even the first fever are all likely to send you into panic. An eruption cyst is a slight complication from teething that is not dangerous, but is certainly jarring to a mom or dad. The Woodcrest family dentists at Riverside Dental Group know that if you are aware in advance of these gum tissue hematomas, you are less likely to panic.

What is an Eruption Cyst?

Primary (baby) teeth form inside of a protective enclosure inside the jawbone. Once teeth are fully developed, they pop through the bone, and pierce gum tissue. This causes varying levels of discomfort in different children. Usually when a parent witnesses that first tooth emerging through their baby’s tender gums, it is an exciting milestone. Eruption cysts result from the protective enclosure leaking excess fluid between your child’s tooth and gums. A translucent, bluish-purple, dark red, or brown swollen bruise may appear at the site, creating a very disconcerting visual.

Treatment of Eruption Cysts

Most eruption cysts don’t actually require any special treatment. The tooth can still pierce through the bruise and emerge intact. Though upsetting at first sight, the hematoma should heal in a relatively short time. That said, if you notice anything unusual on your child’s gums, you should still consult with your Woodcrest family dentists. Hematomas which persist for several weeks with no eruption could require a minor dental procedure. A small incision made under local anesthesia ensures that your baby’s tooth can easily make its debut.

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