Spring is just around the corner, which means many children are about to have Spring Break. What better time is there to catch up on overdue dental cleanings and exams? Your Temecula pediatric dentists from The Oasis Family Dental Group will answer frequently asked questions about preventive dentistry for our littlest patients.

Pediatric Dentisty FAQs

Q1. Can a pediatric dentist cater to a very shy and nervous child?

A1. Not only can they, but they should. Every child has different needs. If your little one feels very uncomfortable about appointments medical offices they’ve never been to, they’re certainly not alone. A good pediatric dentist  prides themselves in taking the time to get to know your child’s needs. If he’s an extravert that just wants his questions answered, we can deal with that. If she needs an overview of their appointment before they sit down in the chair, no problem.

Q2. What amenities does a children’s dentist normally offer?

A2. Nothing warms a child up like a nice playroom while they wait. Thanks to modern technology, there are many other positively distracting ways to engage children and make them feel comfortable. DVD players next to the dental chair is one method for calming the nerves. And what would a dental appointment for a child be without a visit to the prize chest to reward them for being such a good little patient?

Q3. Can the entire family have back-to-back appointments?

A3. Your Temecula pediatric dentists are well aware of how busy life can get. We will always do our best to provide the most convenient possible scheduling for you and your family.

Q4. What if my child needs braces down the road?

A4. The good news about a multi-specialty practice is that we can address most dental needs as your child grows up, all under the same roof. This includes a full array of orthodontic services.

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