Strong tooth enamel is vital for protecting your teeth from sensitivity and tooth decay. However, every day wear and tear, the foods we eat, and some dental conditions may cause enamel loss. Since your body cannot reproduce tooth enamel, fluoride treatments are a great way to help strengthen your teeth and create an inhospitable environment for germs. The Riverside dentists, at Riverside Dental Group encourage our patients to consider a steady flow of fluoride supplementation in their lives.

Decrease Tooth Sensitivity

Inside your teeth and underneath the gumline is dental pulp. This sensitive interior of a tooth contains the nerves responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. Outside of the pulp center is the soft dentin which makes up the bulk of your teeth. Comprised of microscopic tubes, tooth dentin carries sensations from the outside of your teeth towards the pulp. On the outermost layer of teeth, enamel shields your nerves from hot and cold temperatures.

Fluoride Treatments Alleviate Temperature Sensitivity

You can compare your tooth enamel to a sheet of glass. The thinner the tooth enamel, the easier temperature transmits to the dentin and travels to the nerves. Fluoride treatments thicken the enamel layer by strengthening the mineral composition, creating a thicker layer of protection between your sensitive tooth structure and the hot and cold foods you eat. Fluoride also makes the surfaces of teeth slippery to pesky cavity-causing germs.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Once bacteria eats through tooth enamel and into the interior of the tooth, only professional dental treatment will remove the infection. Untreated, tooth decay will allow germs to continue to eat away at your dentin and eventually infiltrate your pulp, creating the need for a root canal procedure. Preventing tooth decay requires keeping your tooth enamel healthy. Acid erosion, teeth grinding, and other factors contribute to diminished enamel. Dentists recommend fluoride treatments for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, and anyone who may need an oral hygiene boost.

Fluoride Treatments in Riverside County

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