at Moreno Valley Dentistry would like to remind you that there are differences in female dental needs due to hormones.

Dental Health and Hormones

Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry published a study by researchers which was made at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. These scientists reviewed extensive research data regarding hormone based health conditions in women. For many years, the dental community has been exceedingly clear that puberty, pregnancy, and menopause (marked by surges, ebbs, and flows of hormones) put women at higher risk for developing periodontal disease. Other scientific research has pin-pointed the fact that many more women than men brush and floss daily, so we know that their dental struggles are not because of poor self-care.

Oral-Systemic Health in Women

Any woman who is in a phase of life marked by hormonal swings should consider visiting the dentist more often for checkups. Periodontal disease increases an expectant mother’s risk for pre-term labor. Osteoporosis (bone degeneration) carries several dental implications. If you have been diagnosed with bone disease, remain very diligent regarding dental care. Bone deterioration in the jaw leads to tooth loss, and gum disease only exacerbates the problem. Additionally gum disease is linked to heightened risks for heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory conditions, dementia and many other serious systemic health problems.

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