Did you know that sharks, crocodiles, and rats regenerate their teeth when they lose them? Are you aware that the second most common disease in the United States is cavities? The Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental have heard dozens of interesting dentistry related facts over the years and we would like to share some with you.

Dental Trivia

Fact #1: Did you know that children are born with 20 primary (baby) teeth which will all erupt through their gumline by about the age of two? Once those starter teeth have held the place for permanent teeth, you should end up with a complete set of 32.

Fact #2: The earliest record of a toothbrush has been traced through Chinese literature to about 1600 AD. However, it is believed that some form of dental hygiene was practiced by Cro-Magnon man, thanks to a skull found with a beeswax filling.

Fact #3: Do you dislike flossing? You’re not alone. Approximately 73% of Americans prefer grocery shopping to flossing. If you avoid flossing like the plague, just know that not flossing allows plenty of plaque to remain in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Fact #4: The dental issue responsible for the most adult tooth loss is periodontal infection, AKA gum disease. Gum disease begins as gingivitis but eventually becomes periodontitis (severe gum disease).

Fact #5: Your tongue has a unique marking, much like a fingerprint. The tongue is also the strongest muscle in your body, the home for 8,000 of your 10,000 taste buds, and the only muscle which is only attached on one end.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Temecula

Knowledge of all the dental facts in the world won’t keep your smile in good shape if you aren’t meticulous with twice daily oral hygiene and biannual dental cleanings?  Are you due for a dental checkup? Visit the Oasis Family Dental for all of your comprehensive dental care needs. We also offer multi-specialty dentistry. Call our 92591 dentist office at (951) 695-2290 to make an appointment. We serve patients in Temecula and all surrounding communities.