at Riverside Dental Group want to raise your awareness about this vital part of your body.

More About Your Tongue

Guinness World Records states that the most challenging tongue twister in the English language is: “The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick.” Saying that five times fast might make your tongue a bit sore, but fortunately the muscle heals very swiftly from injuries. All over your tongue are 8,000 of your 10,000 taste buds. Among the important jobs of a tongue is movement of the food you eat to the back of your throat for swallowing. Tongues have the distinction of being the only muscle in the human body which is connected on just one end. The color and texture of your tongue is noted by your doctor and your dentist as a way to gauge health concerns. If you ever notice something unusual with your tongue, call your Riverside dentists right away.

The Tongue’s Role in Bad Breath

If you have bad breath on a chronic basis, your tongue could be to blame. We all battle with a little halitosis here and there. Normally, unpleasant odors in our mouths are easily combatted through dental hygiene. The truth is, many of the bacteria which cause bad breath collect on the back of your tongue. Brushing your tongue should have a place in your oral hygiene routine. You can even go the extra mile of using a tongue scraper to extricate some of the 15 billion different bacteria that have set up shop in your mouth.

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