The pervasive discomfort of a toothache can damper even the brightest of days. As throbbing pain encompasses your mouth, you may also feel the ache radiating into other parts of your anatomy like your face and head. Toothaches make it difficult to chew, yawn, sleep, and speak. What are the causes of your toothache? What are your treatment options? The Moreno Valley dentists at Moreno Valley Dental are always here for patients in need of toothache treatment.

Toothache Causes

When someone describes a toothache, it is often difficult to discern where the pain comes from: the tooth, the jaw, or the gums? Some causes directly relate to problems with the teeth while others do not. Dental injuries such as a cracked or broken tooth can lead to discomfort. A cavity is one of the more obvious causes. Untreated gum disease or tooth decay both lead to potential exposed tooth roots because of receding gums. An abscessed tooth results from dental pulp or nerves becoming infected in a localized spot. Ear infections and sinus infections are also known to cause toothache pain.

Toothache Treatments

If you have a sinus or ear infection, these are obviously issues for a general physician to treat. If a dental issue is at hand, call the Moreno Valley dentists immediately. While waiting for an appointment, pain relieving gels or over the counter pain medications will help. Gargling with warm salt water may also provide temporary relief. A dental filling or root canal will provide immediate relief if decay is the reason for your discomfort. In fact, while root canals have a terrible reputation, the truth is that many people find relief from their toothaches is almost instant when endodontics are implemented.

Visit your Moreno Valley Dentists

Do you have a toothache which has lasted for several days? Your Moreno Valley dentists can examine you to find the underlying cause and create a treatment plan to relieve your toothache. We are a multi-specialty practice providing comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. Call our 92533 dentist office at (951) 697-6800 to make an appointment.