Maintaining a perfectly healthy mouth can reduce the risk of overall health problems. Certain harmful bacteria found in the mouth can cause problems throughout the human body. People with prosthetic hips often find that oral bacteria infect the area surrounding their prosthetic. Additionally, many patients diagnosed with endocarditis (an infection of heart tissues) find oral bacteria present near their heart. Although some scientists dispute the existence of an oral-systemic connection, potential proof continues to emerge from studies. Recent research indicates a connection between oral bacteria and the likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer, as highlighted by the Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona. 

Pancreatic Cancer Rates

Currently, pancreatic cancer serves as the fourth leading cause of malignancy related deaths in the United States. Only 5% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer remain alive for more than 5 years following detection. Often, detection of pancreatic does not occur until after the cancer spreads beyond the pancreas, making for difficult treatment. Evidence published in the journal Gut identifies a substantial increase in the risk for developing pancreatic cancer if the patient shows evidence of periodontal disease. According to the study, men with gum disease show a 64% higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer. Patients with gum disease often allow harmful bacteria to breed and fester in their mouths. Once bacteria enter the bloodstream, the risk for serious health issues increases.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Avoiding gum disease should not seem impossible. The numbers for gum disease among American adults does seem staggering, however. Currently, over 75% of American adults show evidence of some form of gum disease. Bad breath, bleeding gums, and recurring infections can all signify the potential existence of a periodontal infection. Additionally, gum disease acts as the primary cause of adult tooth loss in America. Gums provide necessary support for teeth. Your gums should appear pink and maintain their firmness. Make sure to brush for at least two minutes, twice per day, and visit your dentist ever six months for a checkup.

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