If the majority of your teeth are loose due to gum disease or decay, your natural smile is probably beyond saving. Periodontal disease and lost teeth which aren’t replaced both contribute to jawbone diminishment, which continues the cycle of losing more teeth. Without proper jaw structure to support teeth, you will lose them eventually, one way or another. Dentures make a great tooth replacement. Unfortunately, many people express their frustration over the amount of time it takes to extract teeth and become fitted for customized dentures by the Moreno Valley dentists at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley. This is where same day dentures can make a difference.

Quick Action

Removing your teeth and replacing them with dentures probably doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, but it is a fast way to eliminate infection and restore the health, cosmetic look, and function of your mouth. Same day (or immediate) dentures are a fast alternative to the more time consuming traditional denture procedure. First, impressions are taken of your mouth to make models or molds of your arches. The best color and shape for your new teeth is then determined.

Multi-Tasking Placement and Healing Processes

Once your new dentures have been expediently fabricated in the office, any remaining unhealthy teeth are extracted. Don’t worry; you can opt for relaxing sedation to make your experience pleasant and easy. As soon as your teeth are removed, your dentures are placed in your mouth while you’re still under sedation. For the first few days, you’ll keep your new dentures in your mouth. The appliance basically acts as a bandage over the site where teeth were extracted. Tooth loss is not ideal, but it’s nice to know that if you do have infected, loosened, unhealthy teeth which require removal, you won’t have to walk around with a toothless smile for weeks waiting for denture fabrication. With same day dentures, you will walk out of the office with a brand new smile after only a single appointment.

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