If you were to see an adult wearing traditional braces, what would you think? While you would surely remain polite, it’s likely that you’ll notice. It’s only natural, since orthodontic pursuits tend to stay reserved primarily for adolescents and teenagers. Fortunately, the traditional materials used in orthodontics have become less cumbersome, uncomfortable, and conspicuous over the years. In fact, the Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group has an invisible orthodontic option very popular with adults.

Great for Repeat Offenders

In spite of the effort, money, discomfort, and time which go into straightening teeth, some people need a second go around in adulthood. Perhaps you forgot to wear your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist, or you have sustained an injury resulting in tooth loss and misalignment. The results of braces are simply not guaranteed to last forever. So if you are on round two, Invisalign is an incredible option which uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth and/or align your bite. Invisalign is quite gentle and comfortable. Best of all, the system is virtually invisible so no one will be the wiser about your orthodontic efforts.

More on Invisalign

If you qualify as a good candidate for Invisalign, we will take impressions and images of your mouth and design a plan for straightening and aligning your smile. Your measurements and information are sent to a lab where your customized clear alignment trays are manufactured to the highest level of quality. Over a period of time (the average is one year) you will change your alignment trays every two weeks or so to continue the process of gentle force moving your smile into position. Eventually, your teeth are inconspicuously aligned, and you’ll feel excited to flash your new smile to everyone.

Riverside Dentists Offer Invisalign

If you are an existing or new patient interested in orthodontic treatment, you can contact your Riverside dentists for a consultation. We would be happy to offer a solution that will work for you, no matter what age you are. We are happy to offer comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. Contact our 92506 dentist office at (951) 369-1001. We serve patients throughout Riverside County.