at Riverside Dental Group and see how much you know about fluoride.


Q1. True or false – Fluoride is produced by scientists in a laboratory by mixing several natural and man-made compounds. Q2. True or false – Many cities infuse their community water supplies with fluoride. Q3. True or false – Fluorosis is a condition caused by ingesting too much fluoride. Q4. True or false – Fluorosis is very common amongst children.


A1. FALSE – Fluoride is a natural element found in air and water. A2. TRUE – Community water fluoridation is practiced all over the world. Since WWII, when this practice became more prevalent in the US, there has been a significant drop in tooth decay. A3. TRUE – Fluorosis occurs when too much fluoride is ingested. If over-exposure to fluoride becomes an issue, incoming teeth can be greatly discolored. The stains will be intrinsic, meaning that they are internal and will not respond to whitening treatments. A4. FALSE – You’ve probably seen training toothpastes which are free of fluoride for toddlers that are too young to know how to spit. The fact is, fluorosis is not a terribly common condition, and would require swallowing a lot more than a small bit of fluoridated toothpaste. Keeping fluoridated dental products out of reach of children is a good idea. However, your dentist can make recommendations as to products and amounts that will be safe for a small child, so that they can still get a healthy amount of fluoride.

Riverside Dentists Provide Fluoride Treatments

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