California has a reputation for gorgeous coastlines, plenty of sunshine, and Hollywood good looks. Part of what makes any person attractive (no matter where they live) is their smile. In fact, studies show that when it comes to first impressions, smile and eyes are at the top of the list. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who thinks that tooth decay, missing teeth, red, swollen gums, or any major smile flaws are attractive. For that reason, keeping your smile in good health, from the inside out, is important.

Outside: Enamel

You’ve heard of a “hard head” or “hard bones,” but your teeth (small as they are) are also amazingly strong. The second-hardest naturally occurring substance on planet Earth is enamel, which coats your teeth. Translucent, shiny tooth enamel gives teeth their luster, but actually protects your smile from over 600 different types of bacteria which dwell in your mouth.

Inside: Dentin

Dentin, the softer layer of bulk just beneath enamel, protects the inner chambers of your teeth. Dentin has tubules which allow you to feel sensations through your teeth. Tubules extend from the enamel to the inner chamber of a tooth, where there are nerves.These holes contain permeable fluid and cellular structures which allow pressure and temperature changes to register and let you know if something is amiss with their oral health. Deeper Inside each of your teeth is a system of canals which house dental pulp. The dental pulp is comprised of nerves and connective tissue. Your teeth are alive, even though they stopped growing in your late teens or early adult years. Their nerves supply nutrients and remove waste, sustaining life. A tooth’s chamber is sealed off from oral bacteria by dentin and enamel. Deep decay or a fracture can expose the chamber and allow bacteria to infect a tooth from within, which leads to infection and pain. When a tooth becomes internally infected, a root canal is necessary to save the tooth from extraction because, ultimately, the tooth’s nerve will die.

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