What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus (more commonly known simply as diabetes) is a group of metabolic diseases wherein high blood sugar and insulin levels pose serious health issues. Symptoms of the disease include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. The three types of diabetes are:

Type 1 – When the body fails to produce adequate insulin, so insulin must be injected into the patient through a syringe or pump. This is also referred to as “insulin-dependent” diabetes.

Type 2 –  Caused by insulin resistance and also known as “adult-onset diabetes.” The condition can occur more frequently in people who are obese.

Gestational diabetes – when pregnant women without a previous diagnosis of diabetes have sudden issues as a result of their pregnancy. This constitutes a high risk pregnancy where the patient and baby will need to be watched carefully.

Diabetes in Relations to TMD

When a patient presents with inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which is related to arthritis, periodontal disease and diabetes may also be risk factors. Diabetes has an inflammatory response which can make the impact of gum disease much stronger. As inflammation persists and worsens with the onslaught of these conditions, the TMJs can be affected. Soreness and pain in the jaw joints which recurs or lasts is likely to be the main sign of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

TMD Help from your Riverside Dentists

Are you concerned with the health of your jaw? Do you think you might have TMD? We offer comprehensive dentistry for the whole family, including mouthguards to help treat TMJ discomfort. If you are due for a dental checkup or cleaning, or you have any concerns, contact our 92506 dentist office at (951) 369-1001. We serve patients throughout Riverside County.