Developments from researchers at the University of Cambridge have the potential to revolutionize dental treatment in the future. Data states that research  conducted on a Peruvian rainforest plant showed pain killing properties. An anesthetic gel could potentially be made from the plant, and the gel may someday replace synthetic anesthetics and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Dental patients would be among the perfect candidates for this types of anesthesia technology.

Dental Anesthesia in Unusual Places

Indigenous Peruvian tribes have used the Acmella Oleracea plant for many centuries as a natural way to treat toothaches, ulcers, and abscesses. When Cambridge University anthropologist, Francoise Freedman, was studying in the Amazon, she developed a toothache herself. One of the men of the Keshwa Lamas tribe she was living with sympathized with her plight and recommended the plant as a way to relieve her pain. According to Freedman, her discomfort was nearly instantly gone. Freedman reports that she went on with her studying and didn’t think about the plant again until she was asked by a Cambridge-based neuroscientist to attain medicinal plant samples for neurological testing. Freedman decided to include the plant almost as an afterthought when formulating a list for the researchers back in England. The plant was on the bottom of the list, but ended up first tested in the study. The results were immediately and surprisingly successful.

Plans For the Future

If this natural, plant-based analgesic is successfully broken down and brought to the market, it could mean the end of injections during certain dental procedures. Research is also underway on how the gel (which is currently being called NDL-101) could potentially be used for long-term pain relief all over the body. The natural remedy may also be administered during periodontal procedures, such as root planing and scaling.

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