Dental crowns are a way to restore damaged teeth. They have several uses in common dentistry. A crown might be used to protect and hold together the parts of an irreparable cracked tooth. Crowns can be reinforcement for broken or significantly worn down teeth. If a cavity is particularly large or deep, a crown can be used to help support what is left of the natural tooth. Crowns are attached to the titanium posts used in dental implant dentures to give function and natural appearance to your new teeth. The type of crown that works for you is an individual decision, but the Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona discusses some of the benefits of crowns that are made without any metal.

Disadvantages of Porcelain-Fuse-to-Metal Crowns

Metal linings covered with porcelain were very commonly used in crown restoration, for a time. Though a strong option offering a tooth-colored appearance, the chief complaint when using this type of crown is usually that it does not appear very natural. Because of the metal base, light can’t pass through this type of crown in the way that it does with a natural tooth, porcelain, or other more translucent materials. Furthermore, the metal can cause the appearance of a dark line where the crown stops at your gums. This is seen, in particular, with patients who have receding gum tissue.

Natural Looking Alternative Crown Materials

Crowns made entirely of porcelain or other even stronger materials are a great choice when you need a crown on your front (most visible) teeth. You can shelf your concerns with unattractive metal or dark lines. These materials have a translucence that mimics the way light reflects off of natural tooth enamel, and they can be easily color-matched to your existing teeth. Crowns with an inner metal lining do boast a strength advantage, but alternative materials are especially a relief for patients who suffer from metal allergies.

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